Victoria Lovick – Office Manager

Our team members work remotely and are spread across the UK. As Office Manager, my role is to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what’s going on across the team.

I’m always looking for new ways to evolve our systems and processes. No two days are ever the same, from coordinating diaries, organising team briefs, attending meetings and managing multiple email inboxes.

Heledd’s infectious passion inspired me to get involved with RfS. I started out providing a few hours‘ admin support and that gradually grew into the full-time role I have today. My previous experience includes working for Investors in People and setting up a new office for an energy company.

My husband’s in the army and we’ve been married 20 years. We’ve moved 14 times and have lived all around the UK and in Germany. People often say “You must be used to it by now” but you never really get used to constantly uprooting your life.

Perceptions of military spouses have changed massively over recent years, expectations on families have become more realistic and RfS has played a big role in this.

“The best thing is seeing the light bulb come back on for someone we’re working with – witnessing them rediscover their identity and realise they can move forward with a job and a career.”

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