Spotlight on Spouses – Lisa Grieveson

Spotlight on Spouses – Lisa Grieveson

Spotlight on Spouses – Lisa Grieveson

We’d like to introduce you to the latest addition of our far spread team. Lisa Grieveson is a Navy wife and mum, and can now add RfS’ Helensburgh Representative to her title.

Job Title: Helensburgh Representative

Where did you hear about RfS: Facebook.

What is your job role within RfS?:

My role is to inform spouses about RfS and the opportunities that are available if they register with us. It’s so much more than a recruitment agency, it doesn’t matter if they already have a job, or if they are not even ready to go back to work,  some may not even be even thinking about returning to work, It’s my role to let the other spouses know that `Rfs is here for all their career needs.

Why do you think it is important to do what you do?: 

It gives us back a sense of being an individual, thanks to RfS, personally, I’m now Lisa Grieveson again, not just mum or wife. Military spouses of any gender need to know that they can still support their partner in their vocation and still manage to live and work themselves, it’s so important for our wellbeing, having the confidence to make the right decisions about your career opportunities is so important.

What has been the highlight of your job so far?:  

To be honest the highlight was my first paycheck, as it was the first one in 4 years. I absolutely loved seeing that I had once again managed to contribute to our household again. My youngest son loved it too as he got more Lego.

Apart from that my biggest crow of forever is that I managed to get The First Sea Lords Wife and The Rear Admiral of the Submarine Service wife to register with RfS.

What is your dream for military spouses in Helensburgh/ Scotland? 

Helensburgh is a lovely place to live but so many families are reluctant to move here because of the lack of opportunities, but we are changing that and I would love to see the day that spouses don’t see Helensburgh as an area with no opportunities,

I absolutely love RfS and what it stands for, there is nothing else like it that supports and understands what it’s like to be a military spouse.


If you are in the Helensburgh area and would like to chat to Lisa, drop her a line at

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