Recruitment success for an innovative start up

Recruitment success for an innovative start up

Recruitment success for an innovative start up

Written by: Anna Saunt – Co-Founder of KitCamp

I first became aware of Recruit for Spouses at an International Woman’s Day conference where Recruit For Spouses Heledd Kendrick gave an incredible talk about social entrepreneurism and being a woman in business.

I was very inspired by her talk on how and why she set up Recruit for Spouses and I was fortunate enough to have lunch with her afterwards, which was a great opportunity to find out more about what this dynamic and intelligent company offer.

That was a couple of years ago. In the mean time I set my own company up. My husband and I have created a revolutionary play system for children. It’s like Lego for den building, enabling children to easily imagine and build their own play spaces that they can clamber over and play in. (The concept is actually based on my experience of military MFO boxes as an army child, but that is another story.)

We really believe in “Learning Through Play” and we wanted to create a brand new methodology to enable teachers to bring free play directly into the National Curriculum. We needed to find experienced teachers to help us design and create these brand new play formats that would see play and learning in a broader and less formulaic way. We needed to find teachers that would be able, independent, intelligent, creative and totally reliable.

Recruit for Spouses felt like the perfect fit for our needs. Military spouses from my experience are a special breed of people who are incredibly able, capable and reliable. They have a Can Do attitude which is invaluable for any business.

We found the process of finding our staff through Recruit for Spouses to be very simple. We outlined what we were looking for, and they did the rest. We found the RFS team to be attentive, proficient, prompt and very able. It was only a matter of weeks before we were looking at a short list of incredible teachers that they had selected for us from a large pile of applications. For us it was a very simple, prompt and trouble free process.

The truth is we were only looking for 1 teacher. Recruit for Spouses presented us with 4 excellent candidates to chose from.  The candidates all presented incredibly well with their own strengths and areas of expertise. They were all current and experienced and it soon became very apparent that what we had was the makings of a great team.

We hired them all. They are a great team.

They work remotely, at times to suit them. They communicate brilliantly with each other and with our selves. They are writing some ground breaking work enabling children to play through the early stages of the National Curriculum, creating real opportunities for children to learn through play whilst supporting this nation’s teachers and their requirements. These teachers are professional, extremely well informed and totally reliable. We are confident in what they deliver and we would happily work with Recruit For Spouses again to source other members of our growing team.

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