Heledd Kendrick – Founder and CEO

“I believed it could change for the better and I wanted to do something about it.”

When I married my husband, who’s in the army, I’d had a career and experienced life outside the military community. All of a sudden, I was meeting wives & partners with all this talent and yet they had given up so much to follow their serving partner around the world.

Before setting up Recruit for Spouses, I was a journalist and editor in the racing industry. I worked with horses throughout my career, which took me to the Channel Islands, Canada, the US and New Zealand. I experienced working with Olympic equestrians at the top of their game. I learnt about team effort and having a shared vision, about work ethic and how to get results.

It taught me that you can do anything if you want to do it. Do your best and be your best and the sky’s the limit, even if you’re starting from nothing.

The best thing about working at Recruit for Spouses is my team. I couldn’t do this job without them. I’m so lucky to have a strong, capable, talented team who know what it’s like to live the military life. They understand the challenges and are well positioned to help and support other spouses into employment.

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