Helping military spouses

Supporting the true force behind the Forces

When your husband, wife or partner is serving in the Armed Forces, you put your career on hold. You get used to moving every couple of years and the things that most people take for granted, like schools and networks, are constantly changing. You’re a capable, professional person but planning your next career move rarely gets near the top of your to-do list.

Maybe you’ve dipped your toe in the employment market and found that people are reluctant to offer you a job. They fear that you won’t be able to hold down regular hours while your partner’s deployed. Or that you’ll have to move away ‘wasting’ all the time and money that they’ve invested in you.

Your confidence might have taken a knock. You feel you’ve lost your identity – you’re defined as ‘the wife of…’ or ‘the husband of…’ rather than you. Some days you wonder whether you’ll ever get a job again.

“I didn’t have a clue where to start because I hadn’t been to work for nine years.” Elizabeth J

It doesn’t have to be that way. You’re resourceful, resilient and adaptable. You’re used to making tough decisions. You have so much to offer to potential employers.

You can create the career and lifestyle you want, while still supporting your partner and being there for your family. Recruit for Spouses is here to make that easier for you.

Helping you find a job that works for you

Recruit for Spouses is a network for spouses of military personnel (either serving or retired) who are looking to return to their career or start a business. We believe in you and want to help you achieve your goals and your potential.

“I just needed a job. I didn’t mind that it wasn’t a career at that time. That’s where Recruit for Spouses helped me.” Charlotte V

We know what it’s like to be juggling it all – children, the lack of sleep and the worry, and never seeing your partner. As a social enterprise run largely by military spouses, we’ve been there! We’re here to inspire you and to help you see that you can rebuild your career.

The opportunities we provide range from interview techniques and career coaching to networking events with employers that support our community.

How we can help you

There are many different ways we can help you, depending on your individual experience, aspirations and immediate plans. In a typical month we create 60 opportunities for new jobs, skills training, CV building and mentoring.

For example:

  • If you don’t have a CV, we can help you to build one.
  • If you have a career or profession you’d love to pick up again but haven’t worked for a while, we can help you explore your options.
  • You can access our wide range of free online resources,including webinars, social media groups and live Q&A sessions.

We’re also developing a coaching programme, with our Corporate Partners BAE Systems, to help spouses fully understand their strengths and skills and how to use them to tap into employment and business opportunities.

Join our network

Do you want  to take back control of your career? The first step is to register with us here (it’s free). You can register even if you don’t have a CV or you’re not ready to start looking for a job.

Your email address is safe with us – we’ll never pass it on to a third party.

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