Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?

Written by: Maxine Crawford-Taylor

The RfS Coaching Academy: taking you to the next level

Unsure of your next step in life? Let Recruit for Spouses match you to an independent coach or corporate mentor who’ll shine a light on your credentials and suggest practical changes that can enhance both the professional and personal sphere

Where are you now? Where are you going? Moreover, where do you want to go? They’re big questions, for any of us. For military spouses, so often the backstop at home when partners are deployed (or merely unavailable just when you need them, thanks to that married-unaccompanied posting) they’re even more pertinent: where do I see myself next year, or in five years, or more? Even if you know the answer, and see the destination clearly enough, the route might seem beset by difficulty. If you don’t know where you’ll be living in two years’ time, with no idea of the support that may or may not be available at home, it’s sometimes hard even to begin.

On the other hand, maybe you are in a career but struggling to reach the next rung of the ladder; perhaps you’re not quite sure what that should be – when did you last set yourself a specific, measurable career goal? Could you change tack and find greater fulfilment without compromising family life? For some of us, the drive may be to achieve a better work/life balance. For others, all we know is that we’re just not sure – of anything.

You can change that today by getting in touch with Recruit for Spouses about its Coaching and Mentorship Programmes.  

Both programmes will introduce you to a hand-picked coach or mentor who offers a confidential space in which to question and be questioned, identifying your unique strengths and the obstacles you face, ultimately challenging how you see yourself. You’ll not only set new challenges but meet them within an achievable timeframe. 

Support is non-judgmental: whatever your lifestyle or aspirations, your coach or mentor will listen, observe and provide a sounding board for ideas, increasing self-awareness, highlighting what’s possible and directing you towards committing to action.

Coaching or Mentorship: which is for you?

The RfS Coaching Programme is a bespoke, one-to-one, six-session programme with a focus on personal, as well as professional, development. It can help to unlock your true motivations, identify key skills and focus your intent in order to make real, lasting change in your life and career. 

RfS has access to a diverse pool of coaches to suit any personal circumstances, whether you’d benefit from a corporate coach from BAE Systems or an independent who ‘clicks’ with your particular situation; some are current or former military spouses themselves.

Finding the time: Following completion of the application process, the commitment is six sessions, at least once a month, lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. 

The RfS Mentorship Programme, also tailored to you as an individual, is condensed into a one-to-one professional relationship that can guide you in developing targeted skills and specific knowledge to enhance your professional growth – and, as a by-product, your personal development, too. Our various corporate affiliates provide a dedicated team of mentors who specialise in assisting practically to reach a clear-cut career goal.

Finding the time: Following completion of the application process, the commitment is three sessions, at least once a month, lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. 

All sessions under both programmes are carried out via Skype or telephone but you must be available during the working day (we will always work around school hours).

A proven track record

Coaching is a process that has already worked for many of our spouses. Here’s what some of them have had to say:

“Paired with Martyn, who was from a very different profession to me, I was initially sceptical that someone with such a different skill set could be useful. Martyn was able to see my skills as a whole instead of split across two different professions, which was what I was doing. He was able to offer objective and constructive suggestions, and support, so I could begin to see myself as one whole, employable asset. We worked together on my two CVs to build one, focusing on my strengths which reach across both professions.” C.H., teacher and dramatherapist

“I would recommend the coaching programme to any military spouses; it’s the first time I’ve spoken to someone who understands the unique challenges we face when trying to find work.” Anon, Military spouse and mum.

“I have submitted a paper for publication, identified funding sources for further study, begun networking… most importantly, I have stopped wasting time on the things that were holding me back!” R. Jones, Military Spouse.

Find your perfect coach

The first step in the process is to chat with Ella at Recruit for Spouses, she will explain more about each of the programmes to determine which approach is right for you. Ella will not only make sure you are matched with the right coach or mentor, she will be there all the way through, checking in periodically to make sure you’re on track. 

At the end of the coaching, when you will be asked to complete a feedback survey, you will be able to access ongoing support with CV writing, job searching or business start-up advice.

Cast away doubt by contacting Ella today, while the year is still shiny and new, to get the encouragement you need to reorganise your life and be the person you know you can be in 2019. Email:; Visit:

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