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Our commitment to returning talent to the workplace

Recruit for Spouses is an award-winning, independent social enterprise, run largely by people whose spouses are serving in the Armed Forces. We exist to help military spouses find a job or start a business that works for them.

Military spouses sacrifice everything to follow their partners who are serving in the British Army, the Navy and the Royal Air Force. Recruit for Spouses is not just about finding a job. It’s about spouses reestablishing their identity and independence – building a fulfilling life that benefits them, their partners and their families.

When military spouses are able to return to the workplace, employers can tap into the talent and skills they offer – benefiting their business and the economy as a whole.

Our vision

Recruit for Spouses is leading the change towards a world where the wives, husbands and partners of our Armed Forces find it easy to secure work, rather than facing prejudice.

Where they’re no longer disadvantaged in their career. Where they’re supported, not forgotten, and where marrying into the forces no longer holds them back professionally.

We see a time when military spouses have a support network that allows them to seize opportunities and to build the lifestyle they dream of. Their military connection becomes an enabler not a barrier. They are inspired and empowered to take action. Their lives are made easier by employers who support their goals.

In turn, businesses benefit from the vast pool of resourceful, resilient and adaptable talent that has lain untapped for so many years.

Our vision of the future is a win-win situation for military spouses and employers alike. It alters the way military spouses live and work, shapes the way businesses source and retain quality employees, and changes the perception of Forces’ spouses as a transient workforce.


“Service families often have little choice about where they live or when they have to move. This is why we must make a clear effort to help service spouses achieve employment wherever they find themselves living.” Former Prime Minister David Cameron 2013

We continue to fight for a level playing field so that military spouses are treated equally in the employment space. We want to end the preconceptions around transiency.  Military spouses may have to move on after a couple of years but they’re adaptable, resilient and reliable. They get things done, so an employer can benefit immensely in this time.

In 2014, Recruit for Spouses was accepted onto the Deloitte Social Pioneers Programme for ‘Social enterprises who are making a significant impact in their industry. In 2016, we were then accepted onto the 18 month Deloitte Society Partners Programme, which was part of the ‘One Million Futures’ social impact strategy. 

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