Coach to Spouse, A Relationship You Can Rely On

Coach to Spouse, A Relationship You Can Rely On


As a military spouse it is often easy to lose your sense of identity and confidence in your skills and abilities, especially when it comes to your career – whether you are resuming one, changing direction or wanting to go out on your own.

At Recruit for Spouses we have partnered with BAE Systems to offer all of our military spouses the opportunity to access a coach.

“Supporting this process for spouses to make positive, life changing decisions, grow in confidence and to achieve personal and professional success is rewarding for us and the transformation of the individuals is clear very quickly.” – BAE Systems


Knowledge and Contacts

An often unique benefit that can only be gained from a great coach is a combination of detailed industry knowledge and personal introductions to the mentor’s contacts, which have often taken the coach many years to establish, and which might not otherwise be readily available to you.
2. Business and Life Skills

You can also learn valuable business and life skills from your coach, including best business practices, appropriate behaviours and protocols.

3. Insight

A good coach can also arrange experiences, such as participation in meetings, events or work experience, which will enable you to get insight into an organisation’s culture and systems or how a specific role is performed in that organisation.

4. Perspective and Vision

Discussions with your coach will stretch your thinking by providing you with another perspective to your own, as well as the benefit of your mentor’s vision, which comes from their wider experience.

5. Reduced Feelings of Isolation

Working with a coach also often creates a sense of peer partnership that might not otherwise be available to you as a military spouse. Often we are placed in the role of sole parent, housekeeper, business owner when our serving partners are away. A coach can be the person you reach out to.

6. Wisdom and Learning from Past Experiences

You can also benefit greatly from hearing the lessons that your coach has learned along the way through their past experiences – both their successes and failures.

7. Improved Performance

A good coach will provide you with valuable feedback or make suggestions that will enable you to improve your skills or to experience personal growth, ultimately leading to your improved professional performance.

8. Talent Development

Where a coach is an expert in a particular field, they’ll be able to spot your unique talents and make suggestions about to how you can further develop and make the most of your talents and gifts.

9. A Sounding Board

Having a good coach will also enable you to test your ideas and discuss your points of view with an interested listener in a safe and confidential environment.

10. Learn how to be a Good Coach

The experience of working with a good coach will also serve as a training ground to enable you to develop good coaching behaviours and become a good coach for others.

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Heledd Kendrick

CEO and founder

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